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Management And Oversight Committee

Management And Oversight Committee

The Management And Oversight Committee chairperson is appointed by the president of the State Society. one (1) new member to be appointed annually by the President. The The collection committee's functions are: In addition to the appointed executive committee member, the first Vice President shall chair the committee. The purpose of this committee is to assure that all other committees and staffs work together with a minimum of duplicative effort and maximize the use of the Society’s resources. This committee shall present a report at the Annual meeting. This committee will be responsible for all grants, both those being requested and those being granted. This committee will be responsible for dispersing grant funds to chapter and other entities, with the exception of the Homsher grant. In addition, this committee will be responsible for coordinating and overseeing the actions of WSHS staff. This committee will be responsible for selecting staff to be employed by the WSHS.


Chair: Carl Hallberg, Cheyenne, WY
Committee members: David Kathka, Tom Rea, Rick Ewig.
For details contact Society headquarters 307-322-3014 or linda@wyshs.org