L. C. Bishop Emigrant Trail Map Series

L.C. Bishop was born at Fort Fetterman in 1885, became a county surveyor and then an engineer, finally serving as Wyoming State Engineer from 1939 until 1957. He was proud of Wyoming and served the state's needs both as a government worker and as a volunteer. He actively studied Wyoming history and was a charter member of the Wyoming Historical Society. In 1958 he served as the Executive Vice President of the Wyoming Pony Express Centennial Board.

Bishop extensively mapped many of the state's emigrant trails and stage, express, and freight roads. Wyoming State Archives is caretaker of several of Bishop's map series, including Ranch Maps, Site Maps, and Emigrant Trail Maps.

The Historical Landmark Commission of Wyoming in 1957 worked with L.C. Bishop to begin mapping the emigrant trails of Wyoming. Bishop had criticized some of the marking efforts of the Commission, and he won political support for his concerns. The Wyoming State Legislature appropriated money to map the historic trails of Wyoming and placed the responsibility for the mapping in the hands of Bishop and the Historical Landmark Commission of Wyoming. The Commission's responsibilities were transferred to the State Library, Archives, and Historical Board in 1959; along with that went the responsibility of reimbursing Bishop for his work.

The 11 map series details the "Emigrant, Stage, Pony Express, and Freight Roads" of early Wyoming. Images of each of the maps can be seen on the Wyoming Historical Society's website. The original maps are 17½ inches wide by 23½ inches high.

The Wyoming Historical Society is proud to be able to offer this presentation of Wyoming Historical Maps on our web site through the work and cooperation of the of the Wyoming State Archives.

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