Annals of Wyoming: The Wyoming History Journal is published quarterly by the Wyoming Historical Society in association with the Wyoming State Parks & Cultural Resources, the American Heritage Center, and the Department of History, University of Wyoming.

The Journal was previously published as the Quarterly Bulletin (1923-1925), Annals of Wyoming (1925-1993), Wyoming Annals (1993-1995) and Wyoming History Journal (1995-1996). The Annals has been the official publication of the Wyoming Historical Society since 1953 and is distributed as a benefit of membership in the Wyoming Historical Society. The editor of Annals of Wyoming welcomes manuscripts and photographs on every aspect of the history of Wyoming and the West. Appropriate for submission are unpublished, research-based articles that provide new information or that offer new interpretations of historical events. First-person accounts based on personal experience or recollections of events will be considered for use in the "Wyoming Memories" section. Historic photo essays for possible publication in "Wyoming Memories" are also welcome.

Articles are reviewed and referred by members of the journal's Editorial Advisory Board and others. Decisions regarding publication are made by the editor.

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Submission of manuscripts should be addressed to: 
Editor, Annals of Wyoming 
Wyoming Historical Society 
P. O. Box 247 
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