Almost immediately after the organization of the Historical Society, the Executive Secretary began the publication of an informal leaflet entitled "Wyoming History News". In the early 1990s, the publication of the newsletter was assumed entirely by the State Historical Society. The newsletter is issued ten times a year at the direction of the editor. The content covers the activities of chapters, current activities of the State Society, news pertinent to those interested in historical developments statewide, and special announcements. Distribution is to members only, and no copies are sold or made available for sale. Printing costs are paid entirely by the Society as are the bulk rate postage fees. One of the values of "Wyoming History News" is that news of programs of other chapters should be of assistance to local program chairmen in planning their programs. All chapters are urged to send news of activities and meetings or copies of their minutes to: Linda Fabian, Editor Wyoming History News P.O. Box 247 Wheatland, WY 82201 e-mail at

Past Issues