Wyoming is rich in oral history — an estimated 5,000 oral history interviews are archived in nearly 50 museums, libraries and other institutions around the state. To make these materials easy for researchers to find, the Wyoming Historical Society has created the Wyoming Oral History Online database (WOHO). 

At present, the database includes more than 3,500 entries from more than three dozen Wyoming institutions. It will be updated as more institutions are able to catalog and submit their oral history records. Information already available online about oral history materials at the Wyoming State Archives in Cheyenne, the American Heritage Center in Laramie, and the Heart Mountain Foundation in Powell are not included in the database.

The entries in the database include basic information about each oral history record, including the names of the narrator and the interviewer, where and when the interview took place, the subjects covered in the interview, and contact information for the institution where the material is housed. Researchers interested in particular oral history records can contact the holding institutions directly for more information.

This three-year project was funded with grants from the State Historic Records Advisory Board and the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund.

The WOHO database is available as a downloadable and searchable file.  For more information about the database or to suggest additions, please contact  the Wyoming Historical Society at info@wyshs.org.

Oral History Interview Guidelines 
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