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Nominating Committee

One member is elected each year by the membership for the Nominating Committee at the Annual Meeting of the State Historical Society. This member will serve for a three year term. The Committee may choose its own chairperson. The nominating committee's functions are: 1. The Nominating Committee shall name a minimum of one candidates for each of the three trustee posistions that are to be filled each year. 2. The chairman of the Nominating Committee will forward these nominations to the Executive Committee for their approval and forwarding to the editor of the "Wyoming History News" for publication at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting. 3. In addition, the Nominating Committee shall be entrusted with the duty of counting the ballots (which have been returned by the Society's members direct to Cheyenne headquarters and given to the Nominating Committee prior to the Annual Business Meeting) at a time and place convenient to the committee and, during the Society's Annual Businmess Meeting, announcing the results of the election.


Chair:  Linda Fabian, Wheatland, WY

Members:  Sharon Martin and Jonita Sommers

For details contact Society headquarters at 307-322-3014 or linda@wyshs.org.