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Projects Committee

The chairperson of the projects committee is the first vice president. Membership of the committee is appointed by the president in consultation with the first vice president. The projects committee's functions are: 1. To assist with State Trek, if needed. 2. To notify chapters and media of deadlines for awards and administer the Lola Homsher Grants award program. 3. To work with History Day Coordinators on the Homsher Scholarship. 4. To review and update, if necessary, regulations for the grants program and the Homsher Scholarship award. 5. To accept from the membership and chapters suggestions for projects which might be undertaken by the State Society. 6. To take such suggestions under serious consideration so that any which might be worthwhile state projects can be presented for the consideration of the membership.


Chair: Cheryl O’Brien, Chair, Torrington
Members: Patty Kessler, Brigida Blasi and Cindy Brown, ex-officio.
For details contact the Society at 307-322-3014 or linda@wyshs.org.