The Wyoming Historical Society, a non-profit membership driven organization, encourages the study of Wyoming history. We believe to study the past is to understand the present and prepare for the future. Our vision is to insure that Wyoming's past remains accessible to present and future generations. The Wyoming Historical Society shall work to..

  1. Promote involvement/communication with local chapters
  2. Promote the study and interpretation of Wyoming history.
  3. Use history to promote tourism in Wyoming.
  4. Develop a membership reflecting all segments of Wyoming’s population.
  5. Encourage high quality teaching of Wyoming history in all schools and for all ages.
  6. Establish an active program of financial development and organizational growth.
  7. Explore mergers or cooperation with other history related organizations.
  8. Promote general public understanding of Wyoming history. Promote historic sites, monuments, etc. for general public.
  9. Promote the interpretation of historic sties and preservation of sites where appropriate.
  10. Improve the visibility of the Wyoming Historical Society.
  11. Provide support for state agencies involved in promotion, interpretation, preservation of Wyoming history.
  12. Reward individuals and organizations for contributions to Wyoming history.