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Jukeboxes and Jackalopes: A Photographic Companion to Wyoming Bars & Backways

Jukeboxes and Jackalopes: A Photographic Companion to Wyoming Bars & Backways

The Wyoming State Historical Society announces the publication of Jukeboxes and Jackalopes: A Photographic Companion to Wyoming Bars & Backways by Laramie author Julianne Couch and her photographer husband, Ronald K. Hansen. Chairman of the Society’s publications committee, Rick Ewig, said today that the book is an outstanding photographic essay and a companion piece to the author’s previous work titled Wyoming Bars & Backways. The Society is proud to be the publisher of this fine book that gives readers a glimpse into communities through some of their most established businesses. Ewig said that funds for publishing the book were made possible through the Julia Yelvington Adams Memorial Revolving Publications Fund. The Society reviewed numerous manuscripts before agreeing on Jukeboxes and Jackalopes, and our intentions are to continue seeking works that will result in the publishing of more books about Wyoming history.

UW History Professor, Dr. Phil Roberts, wrote the book’s Foreword saying the pictures tell stories about towns, the people in them, and the surrounding landscapes. He said, Until bars can talk, the photographs and narratives in this book give us a glimpse of landscapes formed both by people and nature. The book features photographic essays about twenty landmark bars throughout the state. Also included are some of the finest landscape photographs around. Ewig said, Through the essays, interior photographs, and those photographs of the surrounding landscape, readers are reminded of booms and busts, our western lifestyle, and the uniqueness of our communities.

Jukeboxes & Jackalopes is available at bookstores across the state. It can also be ordered directly from the Society by calling 307-322-3014 or e-mailing linda@wyshs.org

We encourage you to support your local book-seller.

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