The Lola Homsher History Day Scholarship award is made possible through an endowment to the Wyoming Historical Society made by Lola Homsher. It is presented annually to a twelfth grader from a Wyoming High School who participates during his/her senior year in the State History Day Competition.

The award of $1,000.00 will be given to a graduating twelfth grader from a Wyoming High School who will be continuing his or her education at the University of Wyoming or at one of Wyoming's Community Colleges. It will be awarded $500 per semester for one year in September and January upon receipt of proof of enrollment. The second $500 will be contingent upon satisfactory achievement for the first semester. (2.00 average.)

PROCEDURES: Applications and Awards

I. Immediately following the District History Day Competitions, all twelfth graders, who have placed first, second or third, will go to the State Competition. They will be notified of their eligibility for the Scholarship by District Coordinators and a summary of requirements will be given to them. These students will be encouraged to apply for this award. Students must participate in the State History Day competition, but it is not a requirement that they place.

II. Each applicant for the scholarship shall submit his/her application to the State History Day Coordinator, Linda Fabian, 2301 Central Avenue, Room 342, Cheyenne, WY 82002, at least ten days prior to the State History Day Competition.

III. Each applicant shall include the following letters:

* A letter to the State Historical Society requesting consideration for the scholarship. The letter must contain the student's future academic plans, explanation of thier reason for applying, their interest in history and in the History Day Program. (Note: The student need not be majoring in history to qualify.)

* At least two and no more than three letters of recommendation; one from a teacher or administrator in the applicant's school and one from a person active in the applicant's community. One additional letter may be included.

IV. Each application shall include an official transcript from the student's High School.

V. Each application shall include a copy of the student's supplemental material from their History Day entry.

VI. All applicants shall be interviewed at the State History Day competition by the judges for the State Historical Society at least once prior to the final selection.

VII. In the event the scholarship winner does not fulfill the requirements, the Society will select a runner-up who will receive the scholarship.

VIII. If at all possible, a certificate describing the scholarship shall be awarded by the Projects Chairman of the Wyoming State Historical Society at the State History Day Awards Ceremony. One alternate with all necessary qualifications will be selected and a certificate recognizing this individual will also be presented at the History Day Awards Ceremony.

IX. Upon registration in August or September, the scholarship recipient shall provide the History Day Coordinator evidence of enrollment. The coordinator shall then notify the treasurer of the Wyoming State Historical Society who will send the $500.00 to the recipient. The same process shall be followed for the second semester provided the student maintains a C average in the first semester and provides proof of registration in the second semester and a transcript.

Alternative: Upon receiving written request from the recipient, the treasurer of the Society may send the scholarship money to the registrar of the school of enrollment. the money will then be given to the recipient by the registrar at the time the recipient registers for each semester.

X. All information submitted by the applicants will be kept confidential by the coordinators and the judging committee and all applications will be destroyed following the State History Day Contest except that the applications of the recipient and the alternate may be kept on file by the coordinator.

PROCEDURES: Judges and Judging

I. The Projects Committee of the Wyoming State Historical Society shall act as judges for this scholarship. The Chairman of this Committee, the First Vice President of the Society, shall act as Chairman of the judges.

II. The judges should attend the State History Day Competition and interview the applicants for the scholarship. The Chairman should present the awards (recipient and alternate) at the Awards Ceremony at the State Competition.

III. The History Day Coordinator shall forward applications for the scholarship to members of the committee at least five days prior to the State Competition.

IV. If members of the judging committee are unable to attend the History Day Competition, they may comment to the Chairman in writing or by phone prior to the formal judging.

V. Substitute judges may be appointed by the President of the Society, if regular committee members are unable to attend the competition.

VI. Judging will be on the basis of the information presented in the applications plus at least one personal interview of all applicants by the committee. Besides participation in the History Day Contest the year of the award, previous participation in History Day projects on the local and state levels shall be considered by the judges in making their final decision. If possible, results of the State Contest judging should be made available to the committee prior to their final decision on the day of the State Competition.

VII. Besides the scholarship recipient, the judges shall select one alternate who shall meet all of the qualifications and who will receive the award if the winner for some unforeseen reason should fail to meet the qualifications as set forth.

VIII. The Projects Committee Chairman shall present certificates to the winner and the alternate stating the nature of their achievement at the History Day Awards Ceremony, if at all possible. Actual monetary awards will be given as described above.

IX. Judging will be fair and objective. Judges' decisions will be final.