The recipients of the 2002 Wyoming Historical Society Lola Homsher Award have been announced. Grants totaling $2800 were awarded. This year nine applicants received funding to be used for Wyoming-related historical research. Those individuals were:

  • 1. Lori Van Pelt of Saratoga who received $600 to aid in creating the “first scholarly biography” of Nellie Tayloe Ross
  • 2. Helen Landers of Cheyenne who received $500 for “Western Laramie County History Project”
  • 3. Nancy Weidel of Laramie received $500 for "History of Miss Indian America"
  • 4. Stacey Harvey of Laramie received $250 for "Busting Up the Slots: Governor Milward Simpson and Anti-Gambling Action in Jackson Hole. 1955-57"
  • 5. Tawnya Druery of Laramie received $250 for "The Soldier's Chaperone: Matters of Morality faced by the Federal Government in Wyoming"
  • 6. Goldie Pitcher of Medicine Bow received $200 for "McFadden, The Town They Called Camp"
  • 7. Teva Scheer of Highlands Ranch, CO, received $200 for "Biography of Nellie Tayloe Ross"
  • 8. Dick Perue of Saratoga received $200 for "Swan, later Doggett, finally Riverside - the First Location in the Grand Encampment Mining District"
  • 9. Louise Davis of Mountain View received $100 for "James Davis Story"

For more information about the grant program, please see the Wyoming Historical Society Awards Program booklet which is available at each county chapter of the society.

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