(See separate application form) 

1. Grants of up to $1,500, contingent upon availability of funds, are awarded for proposals that support research and the preservation and promotion of Wyoming history. Topics must be Wyoming related with an emphasis on original research. If an organization applies, one person must be designated as project director.

2. Applicants must submit one (1) electronic copy of the proposal to the applications portal before midnight the last day of February. No extensions will be granted. 

3. Acceptable uses of grant funds include travel expenses (mileage, airfare, lodging, meals); research related fees (scanning and copy fees, flash drives); and postage. Funds do not support the purchase of equipment and/or software, construction of exhibits, hiring a contractor, or publication costs. If additional information is required, contact the WHS Executive Director.

4. Applicants should provide a specific breakdown and details in their budget request. Please use the Federal Business Standard Mileage Rates for estimating mileage costs. (See example for budget proposals, page 3 of Rules) 

5. Applicants should provide detailed specific information (if known) on collections they plan to research and indicate what information they hope to find. 

6. Applicants must include two letters of support with their grant application. Letters of support should be provided from a history-related organization/person that is familiar with the project and be no longer than one (1) page. Email the letters of support to the WHS Executive Director at executivedirector@wyshs.org.

7. Based on funding, the committee may not grant funds in any given year. 

8. Guidance for these grants comes from the WHS Projects (Homsher) Committee. 

9. Preference will be given to WHS members. 

10. After the committee makes its decision, the Executive Director notifies all applicants of the outcome by the first day of June. A check for total approved grant funds is sent after the committee selects the awardees. 

11. The award includes a complimentary one-year membership in the WHS. 

12. The WHS publishes information about the awards in the WHS newsletter, Wyoming History News, and sends press releases statewide and to other specialty publications. Upon a recipient’s request, a press release can be provided to a hometown newspaper. 

Recipient‘s Responsbilities

1. Upon receipt of the funds, the recipient will send an acknowledgement letter or email to the Executive Director. 

2. All projects must be completed in one year, by June 1. An extension may be requested for extenuating circumstances. 

3. Upon completion/expenditure of funds, a final report must be submitted online by June 30. 

4. A courtesy copy of the final project (i.e., book, article, report, etc.) should be mailed or emailed to the WHS Executive Director. 

5. WHS must be acknowledged in all respects of the project, i.e. publicity, forewords, etc. A copy of the WHS’s official logo is available upon request. 

6. Written projects may be considered for publication in the WHS’s scholarly journal, Annals of Wyoming: The Wyoming History Journal. Awardees are also encouraged to submit an article to WyoHistory.org and to present their awarded projects at a WHS meeting or WHS affiliated chapter meeting. 

Example for Homsher Research Grant Budget Proposals 

Big Horn Basin Trip: 
1000 miles X .535/mile=$535 

4 nights X $100=$400 

Per Diem (based on GSA rates) 
4 breakfast @ $11=$44 
5 lunch @ $12= $60 
4 dinners @ $23= $115 
TOTAL= $219 

TOTAL Big Horn Basin Trip: $1,154 

Other Day Trips: 
535 miles X .535=$286 

5 lunch @ $12=$60 
Total Day Trips: $346 
TOTAL COST: $1,500